Quality, Innovation,
Safety & Value

At HiQual, our continuing goal has been to provide greater value with new products that better meet the needs of our end users, while maintaining a level of quality that is unsurpassed in the industry. HiQual has incorporated quality, innovation, safety and value into our extensive line of livestock and equine products.

HiQual started operations in 1978 in a small Winnipeg shop focusing on the manufacturing of livestock handling equipment. By working together closely with our dealers and customers, the product line has been constantly expanded and updated to include numerous patented items that have been highly sought after.

Hydraulic Calf Chute

The latest HiQual innovation! This mini chute also works as a tipping table to work calves up to 800 lbs. Hydraulic Squeeze and Headgate along with spring loaded drop-down fold-away bars to access calf when in tipping position. Drop-down doors for access to calf when in regular stand-up chute position.

Hydraulically operated scissor-style tailgate to prevent calf from entering when in alley. Leg restraint bar. Controls fold away for ease of transport and storage. Left and right option.

Classic Calving Pen

The HiQual Classic Calving Pen provides a safe environment for the animal and operator throughout the calving process. Many patented features like the double acting gate and spring loaded stanchion adjustments are on this unit to make it easy to use, safe for the livestock and operator.

The Calving Pen is also a great alternative if you are in need of animal confinement equipment and don't have enough livestock to justify the purchase of a HiQual Hydraulic Squeeze Chute.

Calving Pen Floor

When calving pen cannot be secured to floor or walls, the calving pen floor will prevent cattle from moving the pen.

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