Quality, Innovation,
Safety & Value

At HiQual, our continuing goal has been to provide greater value with new products that better meet the needs of our end users, while maintaining a level of quality that is unsurpassed in the industry. HiQual has incorporated quality, innovation, safety and value into our extensive line of livestock and equine products.

HiQual started operations in 1978 in a small Winnipeg shop focusing on the manufacturing of livestock handling equipment. By working together closely with our dealers and customers, the product line has been constantly expanded and updated to include numerous patented items that have been highly sought after.

Tombstone Saver Feeding System

The Tombstone Saver Feeding System is recognized by ranchers across North America as the cutting edge in feeding technology. The unique Tombstone Hoop design was motivated by years of customer feedback saying that traditional feeders wasted too much feed and didn’t stand up to the abuse of hungry animals. The patented sloped design of the Tombstone Saver Hoops create a 12” void between the bale and the feeder skirt.

As animals feed, the loose hay falls inside of the feeder instead of on the ground where it is wasted. Over the course of a season, this can add up to thousands of dollars. The other added benefit is that the animal can’t get any leverage when pressuring the feeder. By reducing this stress, you now have a product which will last up to five times longer than slant bar feeders. Pound per pound, there is no better value.

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Tombstone Bull Feeder

Replacing bale feeders has long been considered an annual expense, especially when feeding bulls or buffalo. Today, there is an option which not only stands up to these fractious animals, but reduces feed costs as well.

The HiQual Bull Feeder features the same basic design as the Tombstone Saver, but is built larger and heavier for bulls. The stronger hoops and wider spacing easily accommodate a bulls neck with out rubbing. The sloped hoop design is the main reason why you don’t see HiQual Bull Feeders in the junk pile with all of the other feeders each season.

The sloped hoop design prevents the bulls from pressuring the feeder, even when you get several aggressive animals trying to feed at the same time. The Bull Feeder is so versatile and strong that it is one of the few feeders that is warranted for use with buffalo.

Silage Bunk

The HiQual Silage Bunk has the same rugged construction as the HiQual Grain Bunk but the capacity is increased from 18 cubic feet to 32 cubic feet. They are constructed from a single sheet of metal with corrugated sides for extra strength

You won’t be replacing poly liners each year with HiQual Bunks. The skid legs keep the bunks off the ground so they don’t freeze down in winter and are easier to move.

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Hinge Kit

The Tombstone Hinge Kit allows each of the three feeder panels to open up, making it much simpler to feed round bales with a three-point hitch spike.

The Hinge Kit allows for quick & easy opening of feeder when feeding with a three point or flat bed type system. Fits tombstone saver and bull feeder.

Heavy Duty Feed Thru Panels

Stout is a word often used to describe HiQual Feed Thru Panels. With a 2”, 14 gauge frame, there are few products which can compare for strength and toughness. The 10’ and 12’ panels even have 2” x .125 wall round tube rail in the middle for added support.

Heavy Duty Feed Thru Panels can be configured as stand alone feeders or as part of a fence line. The balanced design and extra heavy construction stands up well to the heavy pressure. Feed Thru Panels will even connect to HiQual Heavy Duty Panels with the HiQual Pin and Clip Connector System.

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Ground Feeder

As with all HiQual products, a key factor in the design of the HiQual Ground Feeder was safety. The feeder is constructed of rotational molded, heavy wall, virgin poly. Not only does this process provide incredible strength and durability, but it eliminates any sharp edges.

As feed is one of the most costly aspects of horse ownership, the Ground Feeder was designed with feed savings in mind. The bell shaped bottom provides protection from the wind and the 45 degree lip catches any loose hay and returns it to the center of the feeder.

Grain Bunk

In another industry first, HiQual's all steel bunks use corrugated side panels to dramatically increase strength and longevity. With many round bottom bunks, smaller calves climb inside and are unable to get out. HiQual's v-bottom is easy to clean and allows the calf to stand up and get out. Drain holes at each end and skid legs are also standard features.

Fence Line Feeder

The key features of the Fence Line Feeder include reduced feed waste, easy installation, durability, efficiency and above all, safety. Feed waste is reduced by the square grill design, and rain proof lid. The lid opens from the back side of the feeder, allowing you to safely fill it from outside the corral.

The rotational molded poly construction is also a safety consideration as it eliminates sharp edges, and will stand up to the toughest abuse. The Fence Line Feeder can be installed virtually anywhere including on a barn wall, and HiQual panels or even on a wood plank fence.

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Bunk Connector

The Bunk Connector keeps livestock from forcing the bunks apart. When you arrive to feed, your bunks will still be in line, and no grain will fall between the feeders and go to waste.

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