Quality, Innovation,
Safety & Value

At HiQual, our continuing goal has been to provide greater value with new products that better meet the needs of our end users, while maintaining a level of quality that is unsurpassed in the industry. HiQual has incorporated quality, innovation, safety and value into our extensive line of livestock and equine products.

HiQual started operations in 1978 in a small Winnipeg shop focusing on the manufacturing of livestock handling equipment. By working together closely with our dealers and customers, the product line has been constantly expanded and updated to include numerous patented items that have been highly sought after.

Cattleman's Gate

The Cattleman Gate combines features from each of HiQual's gate lines to provide the best of all worlds for feedlots, working corrals and exotic livestock.

While constructed of the same material as the Heavy Duty Gate, a sixth rail was added and the space reduced between the lower rails. An optional Plunger Latch makes this gate self-latching.

Combo Gate

The Combo Gate is the newest addition to the HiQual line. This gate is the ideal choice that works for everything including young calves, goats, sheep, dogs and llamas.

This gate begins with the same basic frame as the General Duty Gate, but has the benefit of a 2” wide x 4” tall mesh panel which is welded flush within the frame for safety. The 2” x 4” vertical openings in the mesh are narrow enough to prevent your livestock from climbing up the gate.

Fixed and Adjustable Gate Latches

HiQual Gate Latches mount directly to the post. This leaves the end of the gate smooth and reduces the chance of you or your livestock getting “hung up” on the latch. HiQual Gate Latches can be operated from the ground or on horseback.

Simply press down on the rod and the gate can be pushed open. Once through, simply swing the gate and it will latch itself shut. To prevent an ambitious horse from opening the gate, you can lift up on the rod and give it a half turn to lock it in place. Both latches will work with any gate up to 2” in diameter.

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General Duty Gate

Designed for medium to light confinement, the General Duty Gate is comparable in strength to other more expensive 2” gates.

Standard features include 3/4”x 12” hinges, a 32” chain, HighTensile, 58,000 psi steel tubing and notched vertical braces. To keep the product balanced in strength, the thickness of the end posts are 14 gauge. Regardless of the application, the quality and price make this gate a bargain!

Heavy Duty Gate

Ideal for almost any application, the Heavy Duty Gate line is HiQual’s most popular gate. With 2”, 16 gauge steel rated at 58,000 psi, the Heavy Duty Gate is truly the strongest gate on the market.

The strength is further enhanced with a 1” x 14 3/4” adjustable threaded rod hinge which will even reach through a railroad tie. Since a gate is only as strong as its latch, a 1/4” x 48” chain is standard.

Super Six Gate

The ultimate in heavy confinement, the HiQual Super Six Gate is unequaled in the industry for strength, durability and toughness. The Super Six series has 6 rails of 2' 14 gauge material making it ideal for bull pens and heavy confinement.

At 59", there are few gates as tall and none as strong or feature packed. Extra heavy hangers, chains and latch make the Super Six Gate completely balanced to stand up to the most rigorous environment.

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