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Quality, Innovation,
Safety & Value

At HiQual, our continuing goal has been to provide greater value with new products that better meet the needs of our end users, while maintaining a level of quality that is unsurpassed in the industry. HiQual has incorporated quality, innovation, safety and value into our extensive line of livestock and equine products.

HiQual started operations in 1978 in a small Winnipeg shop focusing on the manufacturing of livestock handling equipment. By working together closely with our dealers and customers, the product line has been constantly expanded and updated to include numerous patented items that have been highly sought after.

Crowd Alley

Designed for maximum cattle flow and ease of operation. The unique HiQual design allows the Classic Crowd Alley to be configured in a left or right hand curve, or even an “S” curve with no additional components.

The alley panels are 7’ tall while the lower height sheeting provides access to the cattle in the alley. It also eliminates the need for a costly and dangerous catwalk. Panels are suspended above the ground so they do not bind up with mud or snow. They are also sealed with silicone to reduce noise and rusting.

The “butterfly” hinge system allows for quick and easy one-handed width adjustment from 18” to 30”. Overhead backstops adjust for all sizes of cattle & safely prevent cattle from backing up in the alley.

Classic Crowd Tub

The HiQual Classic Crowd Tub is designed for maximum cattle flow while maintaining operator safety. The squeeze gate is constructed from corrugated steel for strength and quietness, and comes with a rubber coated brake which will lock in any position around the perimeter.

The 20' diameter tub is reversible for left or right hand operation with no additional components required.

Hydraulic Chute

The HiQal Hydraulic Squeeze Chute was designed to provide the quality, strength and features demanded by the largest feedlots, at a price the average rancher can afford. Standard features include a side exit, adjustable squeeze width, neck extenders and drop down side boards. The increased efficiency, speed and safety make for a quick return on investment.

An XL Chute is also available with additional length and a built in Palpation Door. Available in left or right hand configuration.

Hydraulic Trailer Kit

The Hydraulic Trailer Kit was engineered to stand up to the weight of the XL Hydraulic Chute and adverse rural road conditions. The Kit is a tilt-bed design that loads in minutes. A wide stance and 6,000 lb torsion axles mean the chute will tow straight and easy down the road.

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Sort Gate

The HiQual Sort Gate allows you to direct the flow of cattle down a main alley or to an alternate alley or loading chute.

A gas spring holds the gate open in the desired direction and prevents the cattle from opening it. A chain and latch holds the gate to one side when sorting down the alternate alley. Rubber mounts and corrugated steel reduce noise, add considerable strength and improve cattle flow.

In-Line Gate

Scissor style gate provides more control of cattle in alley requiring less handling time and effort. Confines cattle so they can’t get over, under or around, resulting in fewer injuries. Gas cylinder holds gate in open position for better control.

Less effort required to open or close gate. Dual handles allow gate to be opened from either side for greater versatility. Operates in all weather conditions. Available in left or right hand configuration.

Power Units

The Electric Power Unit connects to the chute's 20' hydraulic hoses. This allows you to place the unit well away from the working area to reduce noise and stress on both the animal and operator. The power unit operates on 120V or 240V and is powered by a 2 h.p. motor. This unit produces 16gpm of flow.

The Gas Power Unit is powered by a 6.5 h.p. Honda engine, this unit allows you to operate your HiQual Hydraulic Chute in even the most remote locations. This unit produces 16gpm flow.

XL Hydraulic Chute

Designed to provide quality, strength and features demanded by the largest feedlots at a price the traditional rancher can afford! HiQual’s XL (extra long) Hydraulic Chute was designed for veterinarians, cow/calf producers and feedlot operators who need easy access to the rear of the animal.

The XL Chute has all the features of the regular chute but is 20.5” longer and comes with a builtin palpation door on the operator’s side.